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Top-Rated Tours of Detroit

Would Highly Recommend

"Rob was a terrific guide! I would highly recommend this tour. He is very knowledgeable, friendly, and enthusiastic. It was a lot of fun."

– Phillip M.
A Lot of Great Insight

"Had a great time learning about Detroit. Bob is very knowledgeable and as a local had a lot of great insight about living in Detroit. Highly recommend this tour!!!"

– Andrea M.
The Local Hot Spots

"Bob did a great job. It was fun walking through the neighborhood and going to the local hot spots (we didn’t even know existed)."

– Sandra S.
Tour Guide Was Great

"Our tour guide was great. He had a deep knowledge of the city, showed us the historic sites and buildings in a thoughtful way, and gave us an insider’s view of this wonderful city."

– Brent P.

About Us

We at Detroit Urban Adventures are here to show you the best of the city in a matter of hours through these awesome tours of Detroit.

Check out a tour of downtown Detroit on The D You Must See, or take a walk through its past, present, and future through Detroit’s Rise, Fall, and Renewal.

In a couple of hours, gain an entirely new understanding of this great city through the eyes of people who proudly call Detroit their home.